How to Transform Your Business into a Predictable and Scalable Success Story

(...Without Turning into a Pushy Salesperson, Making Costly Mistakes, or Wasting Time Figuring it out on Your Own)

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Learn How To Become An Effective Salesperson Without Wasting Your Time On Tyre-Kickers, Sacrificing Your Values, Or Risking Your Reputation

Thanks to pushy, sleazy, always-be-closing sales tactics, there are many reluctant business owners out there who see sales as a dirty business.

I’m on a mission to change that!

Discover how to boost your sales skills and sell your services without selling your soul.

Scoop #2
Why “Sales Scripts” Don’t Work And Find Out What Does When You’re Selling Your Services

If you struggle to sell with confidence, you might be tempted to try a “proven sales script that works every time!”-approach to boost your sales skills.

NEWSFLASH — A one-size-fits-none approach is not the answer.

Find out what is! 

Scoop #3
How To Bust The Marketing Myth—And Grow!

Spend money to make money, that’s the secret to scaling, right? Not for me!

If you’re tired of wasting money on ads, and you wouldn’t even know what to do with the “15-20 sales appointments this week” that all those lead-gen “experts” promise, then you need to hear this!

Discover what you need to know before you throw even more money away on marketing that goes nowhere and finally make a return on your investment.

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Implement the Sales System that Doubled Abraham's Conversions

How you can double your revenue, like my client Abe who went from $1 to $2M a month, solely by diving into his sales skills.

As an entrepreneur who sells a service, or a product with a service, to other businesses...

What would doubling your current sales and revenue mean for you?

Abraham McAllister

Advisor, Investor, Entrepreneur

Liz delivered what I was looking for...

I highly recommend Liz and her Boost program. Before working with Liz, I had already built a stable business around myself and my product. However, it was clear to me that I needed a standardized sales process if I wanted to scale to the next level.

Liz delivered what I was looking for, a sales process tailored to my business that effectively doubled my sales conversion rate from £1m to over £2m per month.

Dr. Heather Johnson

CEO & Radical Innovation Officer

The coaching Liesbeth provided has helped me to shift my way of thinking... 

It was important for me to better understand sales and marketing to be able to take my business to the next level. 

The coaching Liesbeth provided has helped me to shift my way of thinking from looking only at my areas of expertise. She has enabled me to understand the customer/client perspective.

I can truly say that I have benefited and grown in going through the program. It is a great investment in my future endeavors.

Dr. Marilisa Conese

CEO, Digital Marketing Strategist

I'd strongly recommend Liesbeth...

I'd strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a trusted sales partner for their business.

I knew her to be professional, competent and reliable, so when it came to choosing a new business development partner for our digital marketing agency she was an obvious choice.

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My name is Liesbeth. I'm a Passionate Entrepreneur and I JUST LOVE SALES

You might think I’m a unicorn, but truth be told, the reason why I love sales is because the way I do it allows me to love it.

Sadly, all things ‘sales’ have suffered a bad reputation over the years because of the pushy and sleazy methods where we have all become so painfully accustomed to.

What I’ve always known is that – when done right – selling can truly be an act of service rather than an act of force.

While working in different sales roles over the years, I realised that there are many entrepreneurs out there that have an amazing expertise or product to offer, but find it hard to consistently grow their business around it.

Seeing this, I felt that my passion lay in helping entrepreneurs to thrive. More than that, growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I felt that I almost had a responsibility to take my persuasive sales methods and help them sell their products and services.

And here we are... My name is Liesbeth Heylen and I'm the Entrepreneur's Sales Coach. I'm the creator of BOOST where I show other professionals and business owners on how to set up their sales system, so they can sell the ethical and effective way.

Today, I want to show you how you can transform your business into a predictable and scalable success story too.

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Hear from other Passionate Entrepreneurs:

Sell more Efficiently, Effectively & Elegantly 
and Serve More Customers Better

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Liesbeth Heylen

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