The answers you've given, will help me understand your business better, your goals and how we can customize your sales strategy to your own business and style.


At the moment, you've got the chance to jump on
a free 30-min 'Sales Booster' Strategy Sessions
so we can look a bit closer at your business & your sales success, and how I may help, but more importantly, so that after this session, you walk away with powerful actionable steps that will help you increase your conversion rates (therefore your sales!) instantly, and that will help you get more clients.

Liesbeth Heylen The Entrepreneur's Sales Coach

This is for you IF:

You have an amazing service or product, and you know you can do better, but you’re just not achieving the sales and revenue that you should be getting.

You want a consistent method to sell your services or product and exponentially grow your business and help more people.

You’re a straight forward thinker, and you’re the type of business owner that wants to get things done.

You want to be able to sell Effectively, Effortlessly and Elegantly, without feeling sleazy or awkward.

You want to sell according to a reliable and proven strategy, that can bring you the results you need & want for your business.

You’re done wasting time & money trying to reinvent the wheel without seeing proper results.

You feel your selling efforts are not getting the return that you expect and you don’t really know where to start to get those much needed results.

You maybe even hate sales, you feel it’s all about being pushy or sleazy, and you’re looking for a way that's aligned with you & your business, so you can have fun doing it.

You feel that there just has to be a better way to sell with more ease.

➥ Do some or all of these points resonate with you?

Then I’d like to invite you to take advantage of a special, Free ‘Sales Booster’ Strategy Session where we’ll work together to…

Create a crystal clear vision for your ‘ultimate business and sales success’ in 2021 and beyond (we’ll set targets for your sales that will give you the lifestyle you desire)

 Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your sales success (we’ll pinpoint specific areas that cause breakdowns in the sales process, so you can make immediate changes)

 Develop an action-plan, on how you can turn your sales around, and increase your conversion rates up towards 55% and beyond.

Leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to break your personal sales records and turn your business into a highly profitable, revenue-generating machine…

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Now, let me ask you this...

👉 Are you lying awake at night thinking how you can improve your sales and increase your revenue?

👉 Are you worried or frustrated about the fact that you might not be able to convert enough leads into paying clients?

👉 Are you looking for the sales strategy that will give you the consistent sales that you need to grow your business.

👉 Do you feel that you're busier than ever these days, but you're not seeing the right results and you feel that your business is standing still?

👉 Do you feel like you don't have enough time to research a new sales strategy or a way to make selling easier for you?

👉 Do you feel like you don't know where to start, you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information out there and you wish that you had a proven strategy to follow that would convert 35 to 55% (and more) of your leads consistently?

⇘ Then don't hesitate, and start HERE ⇙

Grab your spot for this unique ‘Sales Booster’ Strategy Session, and we’ll discuss how you can improve all this. We’ll talk about:

 How you can stop wasting your time reinventing the wheel and researching more ways to improve your sales and your revenue.

How you'll be able to have the freedom to focus on growing your business rather than finding the next best thing on how to sell more effortlessly, elegantly and effectively.

 The steps you can take to have the confidence and skills to grow your business and your life the way you want it.

No gimmicks, but straight forward talk on how you can improve your sales, your confidence in selling, and your revenue.

Don’t worry, I’ve seen it before, many people have been there before and I’m here to help you.
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Case Study - Lina

Lina was working according to a generic sales process that wasn't customized to her, and it made her lose all confidence in her selling abilities.

After working together with Lina, she felt more aligned with her bespoke sales process, she was able to talk to the right people and present her products and services in a way that felt comfortable to her.

After implementing our custom-made sales strategy, Lina exceeded her sales targets by 35% in less than 6 months and got results consistently and predictably.

Case Study - Elke

Elke was fairly new to selling and didn't have a sales background,
so she wasn't sure how to close effectively and confidently.

After coaching her,  she was able to sell her services
more effortlessly, non-sleazily and effectively.

By implementing our bespoke sales generation strategies,
Elke generated 40,000 USD worth of sales in less than 3 months.

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