Do you want to be a Blockbuster in your industry, or a Netflix?

I’ve been talking to lots of entrepreneurs, and a recurring theme is that they’ve all started their business from an experience they’ve had personally, in their career, or something they’ve gone through with their family or friends.

I think it’s great when people start their business from their own experience and combine it with their expertise to help other people in that same situation. It makes it so much easier to relate to your target audience, and to know how they think, feel, or what they’re going through.
In a service based business, as a coach, or a SaaS business, you often start your business from a pain point that you’ve discovered, and that you want to help other people to solve too, so they don’t have to go through the same trial and error that you might have gone through to get past that problem or need. <img draggable=
And it’s the same for me… While I’ve been more focused on developing my sales coaching and helping other people loving sales (just like I do) in the past months, I also like to keep my finger on the pulse and work ‘in the field’ myself, so I stay in touch with how it is to sell, and do business development, in today’s market. That way I know exactly what still works, and what doesn’t, and I can be sure that what I’m coaching people on, is still up-to-date and effective.
Sales is not a book smart kind of skill <img draggable=, but one that needs practice, and practical experience to really become good at it, and to book the successes you want, and need, to build your business, so I like to coach and mentor my clients from an experience-based knowledge myself as well.
<img draggable= Too often I see that the best product or service on the market doesn’t always win, because a lot of entrepreneurs don’t have a sales background and just started their business from the experiences they had, and from the believe that they can help others with the solution they have.
They’re often just ‘winging’ it, and could be doing so much better in their sales, if they had a proven strategy to follow, so I decided to set up my BOOST coaching program, so I can help more entrepreneurs structure their sales process, and help them grow their confidence and their bottom line.
With my strategy, they can increase their conversion rates to 35-55% easily and turn more leads into paying clients, so they can help even more people, and all this without feeling sleazy and without losing their integrity. <img draggable=
As a business and a business owner, you have to grow and evolve, otherwise you’ll become a Blockbuster and not a Netflix. If you don’t learn and adapt, your business will fizzle out. <img draggable=
<img draggable= Forbes: “The internet didn’t kill Blockbuster, the company did it to itself.”
So, if you’d like to know more how you can turn more people into paying clients, then get in touch with me and I can tell you more about BOOST. <img draggable= Send me a DM, and we’ll have a chat about your sales, and the progress you could, and should, be making.
Looking forward to hearing from you! <img draggable=

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