What Clients Say…

I highly recommend Liz and her Boost program. Before working with Liz, I had already built a stable business around myself and my product. However, it was clear to me that I needed a standardized sales process if I wanted to scale to the next level.

Liz delivered what I was looking for, a sales process tailored for my business that effectively doubled my sales conversion rate from about $1M per month to over $2M per month.

Abraham McAllister

Advisor, Investor, Entrepreneur

I take great pleasure in recommending Liesbeth as a sales and marketing coach.

Liesbeth has transformed my knowledge base and know-how in the area of sales and marketing. I was very apprehensive about starting the program and into the first few sessions but knew I needed to develop in the area of sales and marketing.

As a scientist and engineer, it was important for me to better understand sales and marketing to be able to take my business to the next level. Liesbeth patiently listened to my concerns and coached me through my own reservations.

The coaching Liesbeth provided has helped me to shift my way of thinking from looking only at my areas of expertise. she has enabled me to understand the customer/client perspective.

I can truly say that I have benefited and grown in going through the sales and marketing coaching program offered by Liesbeth. It is a great investment in my future endeavors.

Dr. Heather Johnson

CEO & Radical Innovation Officer

Sales for me was a big question mark, coming from a technical background. Plus, I was unsure how to go at it since I disliked pushy salespeople or those selling miracle cures.
I had no clue how I would tackle this until I started working on Liesbeth’s BOOST program.

First, the program provides a methodology, a step-by-step process, where you continually build upon the work you have done to move forward.
Second, as progress is made, you start building your confidence.
Third, it works for products or services alike.

More importantly, Liesbeth is right there with you every step of the way, providing support and valuable insight into the psychology behind sales.
After finishing the program, I have a sound sales strategy that I feel confident and comfortable with.
Thanks Liesbeth for your help and support!

Wendell Ocasio

Lean Coach/Six Sigma Black Belt

Liesbeth helped me make significant progress in a short period of time and I am extremely grateful to have her as my coach!

I was very selective when I chose to work with Liesbeth. As a small business owner working several jobs, my time is extremely limited so I need a coach who works with my schedule, pushes me to consistently progress, and takes me out of my comfort zone. Liesbeth does all of this and more. 

Her professionalism is unmatched, her depth of knowledge is outstanding, and her explanation of sales fundamentals and strategies was exactly what I needed.
As an engineer, I need a coach who understands the way I see my business and knows the challenges that I face in sales.

I found significant return on my investment in each week of our program. Her course materials simplify the world of sales, provide actionable guidance, and meet all of my expectations. I am much better prepared for successful sales and business strategy having worked with Liesbeth!

Lucas Marino

Entrepreneur, Owner of EAST Partnership and MCS, LLC

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