How much time do YOU have in a day?

“I don’t have time for that!” <img draggable=

Everyone has the same amount of time in their day, how you fill those 24 hours is entirely up to you. Prioritizing is the main problem, not time. If you want to achieve something, you CAN find the time to get it done. Otherwise, you might want to ask yourself: “Do I want it badly enough? Or is it just a ‘nice to have’?”
If you’re looking for a hobby, then you can do it anytime, any day, whenever you feel like it, but if you want to build a successful business, be an amazing service provider, or you want to become the best coach you can be, then you will have to prioritize and free up time to make it happen.
It’s not going to happen overnight, and no one is going to do it for you. Everything lies in your hands, and definitely when it comes to how you prioritize your time.
So here are some ways that I find useful to ‘create’ more time in your day:
<img draggable= ‘GO TO BED & GET UP’ AN HOUR EARLIER. Maybe even before the rest of your household gets up. You can’t believe what you can get done if you don’t get disturbed in those early hours of the day.
<img draggable= LIMIT TELEVISION IN THE EVENING. I love my television programs, and even soaps, haha, but television does 2 things.
First of all, television programs are made so you want to keep watching <img draggable=, and to keep you in front of that screen as long as possible, so you’ll probably be staying up later than you initially wanted to, which then makes it harder to get up in time.
Secondly, it doesn’t help with your mindset, and the way you look at ‘your’ world. It sets you in a frame of mind that isn’t productive or aiming to achieve more. It makes people become more complacent.
<img draggable= LIMIT SCREEN-TIME IN GENERAL. We are all guilty of it… Our phone, tablet, computer <img draggable=, it is an easy way to waste a lot of time, but ask yourself if you’re being productive as well. Consider what you’re doing when you’re on your devices, and think about the time you spend on it.
I have a great app on my phone, called ‘StayFree’, that measures the time I spend on each app, and it really opened my eyes on how much time I ‘wasted’ on certain apps… I know, sometimes we need to be on our phones, it’s linked to our work, our family and friends, but when you have an app telling you that you spent 8 hours on a non-work related app this week, it does make you wonder… <img draggable= That’s almost a whole working day, so think of the time you could save! I definitely did!
<img draggable= PLANNING. Boring, I know <img draggable=, but crucial if you want to use your time productively, and not waste time on distractions, or less important things during your day. Set up a planning every day, you can do it at the end of each day for the next one, and stick to it! You will see the results soon enough.
<img draggable= TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS. We have alerts and notifications everywhere, our phone, our computer, they all tell us when someone sent a message, when someone commented on a post you’re following, when they’ve sent you an email, it’s endless! <img draggable=
It’s incredible the amount of notifications you get in a day, so I have turned most of my notifications off (either in the app, or on my phone), and I just check my phone in between the tasks I do during the day, not each time that it ‘pings’. It creates a more relaxed, more focused environment, and you probably need less time to finish whatever task you’ve set out for yourself.
<img draggable= If you just started your business to keep busy, or because you felt like trying something different, but you’re not really planning to grow it to be a proper business that gives you the lifestyle and the freedom you want, then that’s perfectly fine, but don’t fool yourself in thinking that you don’t have the time to do it, because everyone has the same amount of time in their day.
Prioritization and organization are key to being productive and using your time optimally. You will see that you probably don’t need as much time as you thought to finish certain tasks, when you focus, and plan things properly.
I know there are exceptions, life-changing situations, like a new-born baby, moving house, things that happen in your family, … and you have to give yourself the time to get through these periods, but with the right planning, and organization, you can free up some time and make your day more productive.
<img draggable= You just have to ask yourself: “Do I really want this? Do I want to do the effort to free up time for this, right now?”
If the answer to those questions is ‘YES’, then you WILL find ways to prioritize things, and reach the goals you’ve set out for yourself.
You can’t NOT prioritize a baby of course <img draggable=, as I mentioned before, there are times in our lives when we don’t have the luxury of time, but you have to be honest with yourself…
What is your reason for ‘not having time? Is it truly something that you can’t change by planning things differently? If you want to share some insights, get in touch: https://liesbethheylen.com/contact


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