Don’t shy away from change…

If you want something bad enough, or you really want to achieve something, you have to take a leap sometimes, embracing the change and insecurity that comes with it…

7 years ago, in September 2013 (when I still had short hair 🙂 ), I met my fiancé Ian in a Blues Club in Belgium. He was playing there with a band of whom I knew the singer, Jeff, and as they came over from the UK to play in Belgium, Jeff invited me to come to their gig and meet up with them.

So that evening, I decided to drive to the Stekene Blues Club, and meet up with my English friend Jeff. Much did I know, I would meet their bass player, and fall head over heels

We hit it off immediately, and from that moment onwards, we met up practically every weekend, one weekend I went to England, the other weekend, Ian would cross the channel to me. And before I knew it, 3 months later, I was packing my stuff in Belgium, and moved over to England.

I went from having my little house, my family, my friends and a good job, to a foreign country, with ‘no job’, ‘no family’, ‘no friends’… and no Belgian fries! <img draggable= BUT, with Ian!

We really wanted to give it the best chance possible. Our only alternative was a long-distance relationship, with constant travelling back and forth, without being able to properly build a life together and getting to know each other in a way that you do when you can spend more time together and live together.

That alternative didn’t seem viable to us, so we decided to take the plunge, and 7 years later, we’re still going strong and we are still happy that we went for it back then.
I’m so glad that I took the jump, embraced the change and got so much in return. A great partner, a lovely house, a great job… I wouldn’t want to change a thing now!

Why do it the hard way, when you can make it easier on yourself by embracing change, and by making decisions that can change your life, your situation AND your happiness.

Don’t shy away from change, and from going ‘all in’ in life <img draggable=

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