I’m Belgian. I live in the UK.

I’m Belgian.

I live in the UK.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. 3 kids, a dog and a whole bunch of pets.

I was bullied at school, because I was ‘different’. One girl didn’t like me, so everyone else didn’t either.

I had a strong, independent character with my own view of the world. I didn’t fit the mould.

High school was much of the same. I was an outsider and didn’t fit in with ‘the cool kids’.

But I was never one to give up and pushed through. Off to university.

Uni was better, but that feeling of not fitting in was still there...

I couldn’t wait to start working and stand on my own two feet.

After gaining my Master’s degree, I had a couple of different jobs. None of them felt right though.

I started to doubt myself… Maybe I would never feel like I 'fit in'.

That was, until I found my first job in sales.

I instantly knew it. Selling was ‘my thing’.

I went off to work for different international companies in Belgium & the UK.

Building a successful career for myself, by selling and teaching team members to sell.

But still, something didn’t feel right.

It didn’t matter how much I achieved, I always felt that something was missing inside.

More than that, I felt that YET AGAIN, I wasn’t fitting in…

Often pushy tactics and sly strategies applied by companies weren’t my idea of ‘fun’ either.

I was desperate to get away from the restrictive world of corporate and find more joy in what I was doing.

So I quit my 9 to 5 and became an entrepreneur.

At this point REALITY HIT ME. I was where I wanted to be, but...

I needed to learn how to sell for myself. Not for a big corporation with lots of support.

People around me were hesitant if I could do it, but I didn’t give up. I did it.

I developed my own framework and became really good at selling my services.

No sleazy strategies, no pushy sales tactics, but soulful and effective selling.

Working with a lot of entrepreneurs, I soon realized many were struggling to sell their services.

And I couldn’t let this happen.

So I made it my mission to change this. By coaching entrepreneurs on how to sell efficiently and increase their revenue without being ‘a sales tiger’.

That’s why I created a guide on how to break through the limiting believes that hold you back from selling more.

For entrepreneurs that know there must be a better way to growing their business and doing what they love.

Making an IMPACT and living a life where they feel they ‘FIT IN’.

Nothing is more soul crushing than going through life, feeling that there’s something missing.

Nothing is more fulfilling than going through life and building your dream, on your own terms.

If you want the guide, get in touch and I'll send it over. You can contact me here.

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