I’m stoked!

🚨 I'M STOKED! A few months ago, I was approached by Lucy Crane from Glow Society. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

They were looking for someone who could present a Sales Masterclass for their clients from their own Intuitive Life Coaching program, where people can become certified & accredited coaches.

They have a lot of skills and coaching experience in-house, but what they didn't have was someone to teach their clients how to sell their services in the most Elegant, Effortless, and naturally Effective way. (my 3 Es!). 🎉

Lucy and I connected instantly and a few months later, my Sales Booster Masterclass is live in their program!

📢 It's great to being able to spread the word on how people can make the most of their sales efforts and can sell without feeling sleazy or pushy, or without being a sales tiger, but still grow a highly successful business.


🔹 If you want this too and want to know more about my Sales Booster Masterclass, or start by downloading my free Sales Booster Checklist. 👇👇👇

🔹 If you want to know more about Lucy and Glow Society's amazing Life Coaching program, then don't hesitate to get in touch with me here!

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