I’m jealous…

🚨 I'm jealous...
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Yesterday, I was looking at my dog sleeping and I must say, sometimes I’m really jealous of him… Not a worry in the world, pure bliss!

Dogs live in the moment, did you know that?

They don’t think of yesterday, they don’t think of tomorrow, just here and now. I wish I could do that sometimes, just think of the present and nothing else…

No cringeworthy memories, no regrets, but also, no worries for what’s to come and no expectations or disappointments for the future…

Interesting way of living, our dogs 💚

Obviously, we’re wired differently, we DO take into account the past, the present AND the future.

But do we evaluate it enough?

🔹 Our ability to look ahead might give us more worries than we sometimes want to have, but I wouldn’t want it any other way, because it gives us a huge advantage as well!

🔹 The fact that we can take past and present into consideration, makes it possible to learn from the past, make changes in the present and plan for the future, so we can learn and grow.

🔹 Facing past actions can be confronting in many ways, but not considering the past or the future gives very limited opportunity to really make the most of your life and the possibility to develop further.

I regularly evaluate where I am now, what actions I took to get here and how I can make changes in my life and business today, to make it even better towards the future.

🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ Life changes quickly, so it’s important to adjust course when things aren’t heading in the right direction (or the direction we want it to go in).

So it's important for society, your life and your business to do this exercise regularly. It's the only way to make sure you're heading for the future you’ve planned for and that you're making the most out it.

So, tell me… How often do you CONSCIOUSLY look back, evaluate your past actions, make changes in the present and plan for a different (better) future? 

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