Are you impatient?

✅ When you consider yourself to be an impatient person, but clients love how patient you are.

Have you noticed that when you're doing something that you love doing, you suddenly have more time, patience and energy to spend on it, than when you have to do something you're not so good at or don't enjoy doing?

Same here... 💯 I can be incredibly impatient with things that I don't like doing, but when I'm working with clients on their sales strategy, I just enjoy it, and don't get impatient or frustrated at all.

Doing what you love is why you started your business in the first place, so make sure that you're not wasting your time and energy by getting all frustrated about the fields in your business that aren't working well or that you're just not that great at (yet).

🔴 It's about knowing your own strengths and 'weaknesses'
🔴 Its about getting the right help
🔴 It's about developing the strategies to make things work better for you and your business

Like this...


"...Liesbeth patiently listened to my concerns and coached me through my own reservations. The coaching Liesbeth provided has helped me to shift my way of thinking from looking only at my areas of expertise..." - Dr. Heather Johnson

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