I just love it, the feeling of Spring in the air!

More sunshine, flowers blooming, new life, more energy, … Just what we need after the grey(er) days we’ve had during Autumn and Wintertime.
Spring clean comes to mind, but when it does, I just sit quietly for a moment until it passes… You know how it is, love clean, hate cleaning, haha! <img draggable=
(Actually a bit like many business owners think about sales. Love revenue, hate selling! <img draggable=)
Spring also makes me realize that Summer is on its way and I haven’t done all the things I wanted to just yet, like shedding that extra “winter-padding” around my waist for example… [ahem]
For my business, it also means that the first quarter of the year has passed and there are just three more to go. A good time to assess where I am and where I expected to be by now, so I can shift quickly and adjust where needed.
Three quarters of the year is still a decent amount of time to reach those goals we’ve set out at the beginning of the year (remember those New Year’s resolutions…? <img draggable=), but definitely a good moment to review and analyse where it needs tweaking as well.
So… that’s what the feeling of Springtime means to me! How about you?
I’m curious to hear what it means to you, let me know and send me a message.

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