Stop ‘faffing about’!

Stop ‘faffing about’! Haha! Great expression isn’t it? I think it’s one of my favourite English expressions!

Faffing… First time I heard it was when my fiancé was telling a story and he said: “This guy was faffing about and was holding us all up…”.
I loved it instantly, and since then, I happily included it in my vocabulary <img draggable=
It’s very topical nowadays as well. More than ever, people want to build and grow their own business online and offline.
<img draggable= Engineers, financial experts, consultants, SaaS businesses, coaches, they all want to share their expertise and help people and other businesses to optimize and grow.
BUT… too many times, I see these same entrepreneurs ‘faff about’. They try to re-invent the wheel and find out everything by themselves through trial and error.
Being in business is not just sharing your expertise. It’s keeping track of your books, it’s staying on top of your admin, creating content or white papers for potential clients to read.
It’s about offering a service that people want and need.
About being able to communicate it, so potential clients will listen and will want to buy your services.
It’s knowing how to sell your services in the most effective and elegant way, without feeling like a ‘used-car-salesman’.
<img draggable= Everyone has the same amount of time in their day and you want to use it most efficiently. Too many business owners are faffing about and wasting time on things they shouldn’t be.
Running a business takes a lot of energy, make sure you spend it serving your customers, not re-inventing the wheel.
There’s not enough time and energy to learn everything by yourself.
Part of being a savvy entrepreneur is knowing where your strengths lie and knowing where you need help. Hire, outsource, buy a course, take on a coach, but DON’T faff about.
So, send me a message and tell me… What is your favourite word/expression that’s very topical nowadays? <img draggable= 

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