The Magic Pill

Have you noticed how many programs are out there telling you about 10K, 20K, or even +100K months? 🤑

They seem to pop up left, right and center… And so, it made me wonder, if it’s all that easy to get to those numbers each and every month, then why do I still see so many business owners struggle?

They pretend that there’s some sort of ‘secret sauce’ for getting you there and once you’ve got that ‘secret sauce’, you’ll be hitting those numbers in no time… 🤯

Well, it’s nothing like that. I’m not saying all these programs are wrong or fake, I can’t be the judge of that, but I do think they all give a wrong idea of what it takes to become successful in your business.

It’s not about a ‘secret sauce’, a magic pill, or another *new* method to success… It’s about SKILLS.

It’s about mastering the right skills to becoming a business owner, an entrepreneur, a visionary for your business.

Skills will help you grow 🌱 They will help you create insights into what's needed to build a solid path for your business, one that will take care of you & your future.

Don’t get me wrong, 10K, 20K, 100K, … it’s all possible! But not with any *new* or ‘secret’ method, rather with the right business skills to build & grow a business.

Skills like: Time management, Communication skills, Strategic Thinking, Leadership skills, Resilience, Finance Management, Efficiency, Business management, Marketing & SALES SKILLS.

All these skills (and more) are needed to build a successful business and reach the heights you want to reach.

No surprise to you, what I think the main skill is that you should master 😁 but if you can sell, you can do anything! (… and not just in business)

➡️ Sales Skills will get you the right connections, because first of all, as an entrepreneur, you’ll have to sell ‘YOU’, you’re the first point of contact and you have to sell your own person first.

➡️ Sales skills will even give you an edge on finding and persuading a life partner to choose ‘you’.

➡️ Sales skills will get you the right business deals.

➡️ Sales skills will make it possible to negotiate anything in life, that’s with your business relations, your family, your kids (!), your partner, … with anyone!

So make sure you master SALES and you’ll see that all the other skills will follow…

... you’ll learn when the timing is right to approach your prospects and clients (time management),

... you’ll learn how to communicate and persuade people without feeling sleazy or pushy (communication skills),

... you’ll learn how to market yourself and your services (marketing),

... and you’ll learn what it takes to get to 10K, 20K, 100K (through resilience and finance management),

... but even more importantly, you’ll learn how to do it in the most efficient and effective way.

I know I’m biased, but if you have any doubts about your sales skills, then focus on that first and foremost… Not on the next magic pill to 10, 20 or 100K.

Master sales and the rest will follow 🔥

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