What do YOU tell yourself?

<img draggable= What you tell yourself is what you believe.
It’s a fact that we radiate what we believe about ourselves. If you feel insecure about something, you’re going to come across shy. If you feel uncomfortable about something, you’re going to show it.
The same goes for your business. People will pick up on it, they won’t feel confident about what you’re offering, they’ll have doubts and won’t buy your services. <img draggable=
If you tell yourself that you don’t like sales, then you will reflect that towards your clients as well. They will feel that something isn’t aligned with what you’re doing and will back out of the sale. TRUTH.
Obviously, you’re not doubting your own services, but you ARE uncomfortable with the way you’re selling, or with the things you were told to say to your clients, so they would buy from you. It’s just not ‘you’, and that’ll show. <img draggable=
I had a similar situation 10+ years ago, when I used to be a sales rep for a big international company. Their sales training was very one-sided and it was mainly focused on selling as many products as possible, without really taking into account the needs of their customers.
They had a rather, let’s say… ‘persistent’ way of selling, and it just didn’t feel right to me. <img draggable=
So once I got through the training and I got used to the process and the products, I made the sales strategy my own, adjusted to my own way of selling, and I grew the revenue in my division with almost 200%, putting myself on the ‘best sales people’-list for that region.
I learnt a few important lessons there:
<img draggable= Never give up! <img draggable=
<img draggable= Once you’ve found a proven system to selling, you can adapt it to your product or service, just like I have done over the years.
<img draggable= WHATEVER YOU DO. MAKE IT YOUR OWN. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to sales and business.
Make sure you have a way of selling that feels aligned, that’s bespoke to who you are and what you do, and don’t just take some script or fancy lines that someone told you to use, but find your own way, customise it to you and to what YOU feel comfortable with.
Contact me and let me know how you feel about sales <img draggable=, and maybe we can have a chat about how you can make a proven sales strategy your own as well.

It’s time you finally feel confident and comfortable selling and get the results that you want Effectively, Effortlessly and Elegantly.

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