BOOST Coaching Program

WELCOME and thank you for your interest in BOOST!

Customer Centric Selling at its Best!

If you're a service based entrepreneur looking to finally take control of your sales strategy and massively boost your sales numbers, then you're in the right place...

You're looking for a better and easier way to sell your expertise and convert prospective customers into paying ones?

You want to increase your revenue, so you can successfully and consistently grow your business year-on-year?

You're looking for a proven way to do this, without feeling sleazy or pushy?

And you're looking to finally have a solid bespoke sales process, that will maximize your sales efforts daily?

If you said 'YES' to some or all of these questions...

...and you're looking to create your own Persuasive Selling Strategy,
that will make selling and growing your business feel like second nature to you, 
then do keep reading...

Are you ready to work with a sales coach who doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and who can help you boost your revenue and increase your close ratio to 50%+ by creating your own Customer Centric Sales Strategy?
Then get in touch, so we can talk about your options to joining BOOST.

But first... Let me give you a little bit more information already, so you can decide if this might be for you:

  • BOOST comes in 2 different versions, 1-2-1 private coaching or group coaching. Both coaching programs span over a period of just 90 days, with the difference that you'll get me all to yourself in the private coaching sessions (and you'll have to share me with other BOOST members in the group coaching option).

  • The program contains of different modules and workbooks where you can work on at home (yes, there is some homework, but easily manageable in a couple of hours per week!). During the weekly 1-2-1, or group coaching session, you can ask all your questions and I'll personally guide you through the different steps of BOOST and keep you accountable, so you WILL get the right results.

  • There are 3 phases to BOOST:

    ♦️ PHASE I - GET STARTED: Your Foundations to Customer Centric Selling

    Without the right foundations, you can't build anything, so here, you'll be doing the groundwork and lay the basis for your own bespoke sales process.

    You’ll determine the foundations and goals, that will drive the direction of your strategy in phase 2.

    ♦️ PHASE II - YOUR SALES STRATEGY & FRAMEWORK: Master Persuasive & Customer Centric Selling

    You'll learn, through my proven framework, how you can set up your own sales strategy and how to persuade potential clients from the moment they become aware of you and your business to the point you have a sales conversation with them.

    You'll learn how 'selling is serving' and how to make your business more profitable, in an effective and elegant manner. All this, without feeling awkward or pushy, or without using questionable sales tactics.

    ♦️ PHASE III - YOUR ACTION PLAN: Put Your Own Bespoke Sales Process In Action

    This is where you'll see everything that you've worked on in the first 2 phases - during the past 8 weeks – come into action.

    You'll take the steps that will generate revenue and will help you convert prospects into paying customers consistently with a repeatable and scalable system.

    (+ EXTRA - SUPER BOOST: Bonus Materials for You)

  • After these 90 days, you'll have completed BOOST and you'll have a repeatable and scalable sales process that you can rely on and that will bring you the sales success you are looking for.
  • With my years of sales experience, I pride myself on results, so my promise is to work with you until you've achieved your sales strategy and feel comfortable using 'Persuasive & Customer Centric Communication' to position your business and sell your services Effectively, Efficiently and Elegantly, both online and offline.

There is much more to say about my coaching program, but if you're serious about growing your business and you want to increase your revenue with ease through your own bespoke sales process, without feeling sleazy or pushy, then get in touch with me, so we can start talking.

Don't worry, I practice what I preach, so I won't push you to buy, just because you get on a call with me.
What we'll do is find out a bit more about you and your business
and see IF and HOW I might be able to help you increase your sales success.

Click the button below, so we can BOOST YOUR SALES & YOUR BUSINESS today.

I take great pleasure in recommending Liesbeth as a sales and marketing coach.
Liesbeth has transformed my knowledge base and know-how in the area of sales and marketing. I was very apprehensive about starting the program and into the first few sessions but knew I needed to develop in the area of sales and marketing.

As a scientist and engineer, it was important for me to better understand sales and marketing to be able to take my business to the next level. Liesbeth patiently listened to my concerns and coached me through my own reservations.

The coaching Liesbeth provided has helped me to shift my way of thinking from looking only at my areas of expertise. It has enabled me to understand the customer/client perspective.

I can truly say that I have benefited and grown in going through the sales and marketing coaching program offered by Liesbeth. It is a great investment in my future endeavors.

- Dr. Heather Johnson ‧ CEO & Radical Innovation Officer

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