Why I do what I do? I have 2 WHYs! <img draggable=

<img draggable= One is my personal why. I want to be able to “buy” myself free time, so I can spend that newly bought time on the people I love (…and my dog!…), doing the things I love! <img draggable=
With ‘buying time’ I mean, being able to hand tasks that take up my own time to other people, or learning processes to do things faster. So that can be: hiring a Virtual Assistant to help me with the administrative tasks, a coach for my business, a cleaner to clean the house, free up time to travel, go out for a meal, so we don’t have to cook ourselves and we can enjoy each other’s company more often, …
There are so many ways that you can buy yourself more time, and that’s one of the reasons why I do what I do.
<img draggable= The second reason is, because I truly enjoy helping other business owners getting better at selling their services, closing a sale, overcoming objections, … so that they too, can ‘buy’ themselves the time to spend on the people and things they love. <img draggable=
I’ve never been much of a materialistic person, so I don’t have a huge wish list of things I want to buy, but I do have a long list (where I’m working my way through), of all the things I want to do with my fiancé, and with family and friends!
Everyone has different motivations why they do things, but it is good to keep them in mind, to visualize what you’re working for, because it can get tough at times when you’re an entrepreneur (sorry, it WILL get tough… <img draggable=), so it’s good to know ‘why’ you are doing this, so you can focus on the prize at the end of the line. <img draggable=
Even though we see ads all the time that make it look easy, building your own business is NOT easy. <img draggable= You have to work hard and be very focused, because if you do it half-heartedly, it will either take you ages to make your business work, but more likely, you will never get there and give up before it can become the success you want it to be.
That’s why it’s so important that you find ways to make it easier on yourself and to be able to WORK SMARTER and NOT HARDER. <img draggable=
Having processes and systems in place that can help you do that, will make it possible to achieve your WHYs. So make sure that you learn what you need to learn, hire who you need to hire, but don’t lose track of your ‘why’ and don’t get overwhelmed <img draggable=<img draggable= by the mountain of work that comes with running your own business.
I’m here for you, if you feel that you struggle with closing the sale and getting more clients on board, so you can help them with your services and build the business that you want.
If that’s you, then get in touch with me, and let me help you to get to your ‘Why’.
Contact me <img draggable= with I’M READY, if you want to sell smarter, not harder. <img draggable=


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